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Historical News with a Shetland Interest

The articles below are news stories with a Shetland connection that I have found in old newspapers - I hope you find some of these of interest.

Sudden death in a fishing boat
Thomas Goodlad, Burra
The Shetland Times - 9 September 1876
Steamer aground on Bressay
Death of James Duncan
The Shetland Times - 5 February 1887
Fire in Cunningsburgh
Peter Johnston, merchant
The Shetland Times - 27 April 1889
School Board prosecutions
The Shetland Times - 27 April 1889
A happy family
Halcrow, Fladdabister
The Shetland Times - 27 April 1889
Loss of a Leith steamer
Moravia with Shetland crewmen
The Shetland Times - 23 February 1907
Shetlanders death in New Zealand
Haldane Georgeson
The Shetland Times - 6 March 1925

These files are in PDF format to make them accessible on most computers. If you need Adobe Reader to view PDF files it can be downloaded from here.